Amanae 3-day intensive
Experience personal transformation
like never before

Immerse yourself in 3 days of very effective bodywork

March 15-17 (2019)
Ghent - Belgium

When something happens that feels too much, emotionally, like a traumatic event, or something smaller like continuously hearing to be quiet when you’re a kid, then the breath stops, and your body encapsulates whatever you felt you could not deal with.

And then the mind kicks in, and starts spinning some story or conviction, like “I’m not good enough”, or “Hehey, I can be perfect!” just to make sure you never ever have to feel that again. That’s our unconscious shadow. A story.

During these 3 days, you won’t go into that story, you'll go underneath it, into the feeling, and what you feel is what you heal, old emotions, old thoughts and convictions and patterns all alike.

  • In a small group
  • With personal guidance
  • Towards a powerful experience

  • Discover new insights
  • Create space and openness
  • Free yourself from personal constraints

This workshop was a present that life gave me

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(750€, including food and lodging)

What Can You Expect?

Intensive bodywork

You'll take part in two 3-hour sessions a day. One session on the table being worked upon, and one session next to the table, being present for the other and yourself. Sometimes it is an even bigger experience to be next to the table than being on it. These XL sessions allow you to get into every aspect that needs attention from different angles.

Personalised within a small group

A very small group of maximum 4 people, which allows for a lot of personal coaching while still benefitting from the group container.

Minimal talking, maximal feeling

It is bodywork, not talking therapy. You will be focused on the breath and the sensations in the body. The story is secondary. Being 100% present with these sensations. This is very powerful and will bring you release, insight and opening.
Still, during the work, sometimes you will be asked some questions and receive coaching to get you even deeper into your transformational process.

And a great supportive atmosphere, including delicious soulfood

The surroundings matter. So we offer the perfect space for such intensive work, and foresee healthy soulfood to keep your body nourished.

New to bodywork?

You will have work carried out on the physical body, with pressure and movements on the skin, in a small group of 4 people. Check how this feels with you, and if this truly bothers you, this intensive might not be your best choice.

You will be lying down on a massage table, covered by one or more blankets, only wearing your underpants and if needed a tank top. The points worked are spread over the body, but not touching sexual areas.
Most work is done on the heart, the lungs, the back, the hips and the neck.

Meet Your Guide
On This Journey Into Your Body

Kim Cao-Van, Ph.D

He embodies a unique combination of an open heart, an intuitive touch, a sharp analytical mind, and a sense of higher spirituality.

Working with Amanae bodywork since 2013, and with Qigong since 1996.

And Meet Yourself

Participation in itself is not a guarantee for a result. It is key that YOU take responsibility! We offer you the ultimate setting where you can do just that, but in the end, nobody else can take responsability for your process other than you.

A lot of people in therapy do not really want to change, or at least, they are not ready to take the responsability for their own proces. It is key that you take this responsability!

Don't let other people or situations dictate your process. Use this unique opportunity to claim it for yourself, and take matters into your own hands. Amanae bodywork is the perfect tool for this!

Reported results include

  • Sleep better
  • Feel lighter and positive
  • Relief of physical pain and tension
  • Breath more freely
  • A more serene body
  • Keep off work stress more easily

  • More realizations than years of therapy
  • Being more comfortable with yourself
  • Waking up of sexual energy
  • Better boundaries
  • Stilness, and a deep sense of calm
  • Being able to trust again

Shed your layers
and tap into the power of your true self!

Bypass the mind, and discover what your body harbours

Is This For You?

Are you ready for the next level? If you truly want change, but you feel like you have reached a plateau, this is for you...

If you want to connect to the light and love inside of yourself, in a down-to-earth manner, this is for you...

What Others Say About Their Experience

One of the most special and intense experiences of my life (and I have done quite a few things), creating the most powerful transformations I ever felt. As the layers dissapear, I become more and more me, standing firmer and more authentic in life.

The guidance felt very special, a safe harbor during sometimes very strong emotions. They are always involved and ready to do what is necessary. Their loving presence invites you time and again to go where healing is needed. Every session felt like a great gift.

Charlotte - Belgium

This workshop was a present that life gave me. I felt surrounded by lots of love from the practioners and the participants. Very deep and unforgettable experience! Thanks again Kim.

Maria - France

The intensive has made a lasting impression on me, I have learned a great deal from it. And up to date, I'm still impressed with Kim's qualities regarding bodywork, feelings, softening and creativity. He is a warm and loving person of integrety who brings out the best (feeling) in others.

Leon - Malta

Very happy that I received (and took) this chance to participate. It was a very intense experience, I never guessed there were so many blocks in my body that literally took away my breath.

I didn't come with the purpose of solving my exercise-induced asthma, it was a secondary very surprising outcome. I've acquired more insight and feeling in myself, I am able to breath freely again and do sports without taking medications.

Miranda - Netherlands

What touched me, was how the body was treated and listened to, with power, with love and attention. There, in the memory of the cells, are the hidden injuries and the healing and growth potential.

The support from the group and practioners was a gift. I've seen things, felt, heard, and received a lot of information on myself, my past and my ancestral line.

Kim works with a lot of attention and respect, and combines a variety of specific talents, skills and trainings into a beautiful holistic whole. He guides you gently but surely towards a deeper place if he senses if something is off or hides different layers. There, in the seeming oblivion, you can find pearls of healing, selfknowledge and wisdom.

To be continued.

Marleen - Belgium

Still In Doubt?

If you feel hesitant...

It's normal. This is a big step. Your big step!
You may experience some resistance, or some anxiety. You may wonder if this won't be too much, too far from your comfort zone.

To be honest, it will be a lot, but not too much.
You will get exactly what you need at this moment to grow in your process, though it may be different from your expectations. I realize this is a bold statement, but participants have reported this time and again.

"Expectation is the root of all heartache" - William Shakespeare

And it will challenge your comfort zone, but if you're still reading this, isn't change exactly what you are after?

Or are you more sceptical?

Well, I also hold a Ph.D. in Science.


* Including lodging (3 nights), food, snacks and drinks. Transport to the venue is not included.